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Dedicated IT solutions

We create software that is dedicated to our Customers’ specific business needs, matching the optimal IT technologies to this. Read more

Online solutions

Thanks to the use of wide range of technologies and very experienced and harmonious team in NeoCraft Software, we design, implement and successfully operate the Internet and Intranet websites – WWW websites, CMS or CRM systems. Read more

Mobile solutions

"Listening to the customer’s voice should become the business of every company." – these words of Tom Peters perfectly reflect the attitude of NeoCraft Software towards the customers’ needs. We know that mobile solutions are the future and we know that our customers want such future. Read more

Cloud computing

Business services provided by our software are available in the so-called cloud computing. It brings many benefits for our customers, first and foremost the reduction of costs related to the technical infrastructure maintenance. Read more

B2C and B2B database processing

We have knowledge and tools for effective processing of information in the B2C and B2B databases. Thanks to this we successfully verify, correct, standardize, and also deduplicate and enrich the B2C and B2B information. Read more

Comprehensive Outsourcing

We provide the outsourcing services of IT services. Our professionals are at your disposal for the complex IT service of your business. Read more


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Wdrożenie serwisu szynoteka.pl


Dla naszego Partnera zaprojektowany oraz wdrożony został serwis internetowy szynoteka.pl

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Agregacja i przetworzenie danych B2B


Dla naszego Partnera przygotowaliśmy mechanizmy agregujące i przetwarzające dane B2B.

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Wdrożenie serwisu SkinDNA.pl


Dla naszego Partnera zaprojektowaliśmy oraz wdrożyliśmy serwis internetowy SkinDNA.pl.

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